vini del Piemonte

Wines of Piedmont: tradition and innovation

Wine has a long history in Piedmont, where it first appeared thanks to the Celtic-Ligurian peoples who inhabited the region and practised viticulture as early as the 6th century BC. Red wines in Piedmont began to take on the characteristics of modern Piedmontese wines in the 19th century.

Barolo was born in 1830, thanks to the work of Count Camillo Benso di Cavour. Barbaresco, another great expression of Nebbiolo, was developed later, thanks to Domizio Cavazza, founder of the Cantine Sociali di Barbaresco and director of the renowned Alba Wine School.

The wines of the Langhe

Piedmont is a region characterised by a mixed landscape, consisting in an alternation of hills (30,3%), plains (26,4%) and mountains (43,3%).

The soil is of marine sedimentary origin with a high concentration of limestone and clay. The climate is continental and is characterised by long, cold, snowy winters and hot summers, with significant temperature ranges that allow excellent ripening of late varieties such as Nebbiolo.

vini Langhe